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Do you know your  doshic constitutional blend? 

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Yoga For Wellness

The marriage of Yoga and Ayurveda creates a seamless harmonic synergy for health, well-being, and realization.  Here you can find clear information and instructions for practices to support YOU in your journey to wellness as well as links to our vetted resources to expand your journey and find YOUR own personal best fit.



To affirm through practice: service to others, support of others to heal, experience their most harmonic state of Being, their highest Self, their own true nature.

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Discover your doshic constitutional blend

and learn what makes you unique!

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Dr. Margaret Koblasova

I'm here to support you and optimize your health and wellness on every level.  


Park City, UT is my home base, but through the pandemic, I've learned that through the ether (online) is also effective for connections, so I am reachable from anywhere. I have been teaching yoga professionally for more than 25 years (Yoga Alliance ERYT500), practicing Ayurvedic counseling for almost 20 years, and completing my Ayurvedic doctor training in 2019. 

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"Om Svaroopa sva svabhava Namo Namaha"

~ Mantra Chant from Svaroopa Vidya Ashram





A deeper focus on aspects of Ayurveda and yoga


Yoga Classes

Hatha and Therapeutic style classes taught in the mornings and afternoon 



Individualized ayurvedic guidance for enhanced well being



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The value of your presence and connection in my life could never be measured or even described. Someday I hope to understand it a little better. Until then, I'll continue to listen and look to your guidance. I have been gifted with your presence, you are an extraordinary person.

Stephanie W.


Wellness Blog

Ayurvedic Consultation

with Dr.Koblasova

​Our work focuses on balancing your being: body, mind, and spirit.  We focus on the doshas, Ayurvedic tissues, subtle doshas, your ability to maintain vitality and digest impressions and food. Your symptoms of dis-ease are monitored to track progress. This is a perfect complement to your regular medical treatment because, at Ananda Ayurveda, support for gradual change is provided consistently and mindfully.  

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