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A Day of Deepening With Dr. Margaret Koblasova

Saturday, March 20 // 9:30 - 1:00 MT

Cost: $55 - Space is limited. Reserve below.

Go deeper beyond our on-going Svaroopa based class. Discover the reason for how the class is structured, the purpose of each instruction, how your alignment can be enhanced, self-adjustments that can be made, and have your questions answered in this interactive online workshop.

We will focus on

  • Class structure and design (fascinating)

  • Principles underline pose dynamics

  • Select poses with alignments, self-adjustments, and more

This is a full Svaroopa sequence. By the end of our workshop, you have tools to monitor and guide your own way into each pose, adjusting for your individual needs. The guidelines will ease you into a deeper experience and appreciation for this profound practice of authentic yoga, as they have for me personally.

This workshop is for students of our Tuesday/Thursday classes. Space is limited because I need to see you. If you have questions about the workshop, please do not hesitate to contact me. This is for you. I am doing this for you.

Om Shanti.

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